Saturday, August 15, 2009

Which Boss is Screwing a Ref?

Will post more later. However, I have never seen reffing so one-sided. I encourage my contributers to provide me insight but clearly someone is having intimate relationships with a particular refree, in my opinion. Even the fams were laughing. Wow.

Oh, and thanks for the shoutout, Sirens. But, you're still not safe in the water. Just wish I had a sign.


Anonymous said...

I will give you hint:

G to tha oldie

Anonymous said...

On another note ONE REF has had TWO SIRENS in less than a year. What are they all just standing in line and then getting kicked to the curbin...
but you always fail to mention the obvious and we all know who you are anyway! that stupid costume with those pasty legs stickin' out didn't fool anyone!
i was very disappointed that the manipulator never got her mouth duck taped shut by dirty tho! silence is golden but duck tape is silver
is there a mole out there or just the old snarkman? hmmmmm the world may never know!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the refs pretty much screwed the Sirens out of their win.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I heard multiple players from each team screwed refs. Bunch of sluts! But they skate well.

Anonymous said...

Corbin Cojones and Panty Raider were married for at least ten years--they have kids together.

Rooky Brand-Aid and Corbin Cojones have been seen getting close.

Otherwise, the Sirens have no excuse for losing a game other than what happens on the track.