Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And the Season Over........

Well, another year, and the Sirens win the regular season championship, and the Bosses win the tournament championship.

When will the league finally support the Brawlers, and allow them to take some decent draft picks?

Its really no fun to watch the Sirens and the Bosses split the title every year. There are some amazing skaters on the Brawlers, but for some reason it seems as if the league dismantles the Brawlers every single year, sort of like they did with the Betties.

Its getting a little boring. You know, this would never happen in the NBA or the NFL. Teams on the bottom actually get to take the best players, and then the players can't just dump the team when they are unhappy.

Real leagues need real competition.

Boring, boring, boring. If it wasn't for the Sirens beating Austin in the only decent bout this season, I'm not sure it would have been worth my cold hard advertising dollars.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ahhhh, Goldibutt - Good Play!

So the word is in, and it confirms what the fans saw all night. Ajaxoff who played jam ref last night is said be having a less than professional relationship with Goldibutt.

Again, what the fuck. Every fan in the place couldn't figure out what Ajaxoff's problem was last night with the Sirens, and now, perhaps, it is crystal clear.

Indeed, how can Houston Rollerderby even permit a referee to ref a game, let alone a championship game, when his bed mate runs one of the teams?


Notwithstanding, there did seem to me some break down in the Sirens last night. As always, the Sirens had a great come from behind drive. But a little mojo did fall out. Maybe when you realize you're opponent has a stacked deck, it does suck some of that mojo away.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Which Boss is Screwing a Ref?

Will post more later. However, I have never seen reffing so one-sided. I encourage my contributers to provide me insight but clearly someone is having intimate relationships with a particular refree, in my opinion. Even the fams were laughing. Wow.

Oh, and thanks for the shoutout, Sirens. But, you're still not safe in the water. Just wish I had a sign.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Holy Sharkmolly! Scoop Alert! Scoop Alert!

So, I was pounding some Sharkblood with Dictatum, and would you believe what I heard? Two Bosses, a Bettie and a Ref are in negotiations to help the Southies build up their league? WTF? That's like leaving the NFL to play arena football. Traitors....

Speaking of arena football, I got a great pre-bout poll: which Roller Babe could put Russian Cleavage into Grandma Jonie (the one with the Siren tatoos on her oxygen tank) on the third row with a single hit? And that means just cuz you can dance on your skates (Death by Chi Chi) or ride the "outside" of the line (Mistzilla), doesn't mean they got the hurt to seriously throw down. So here is your chance, and vote early and often.