Monday, July 20, 2009

Well, Well, Well - Death by Chi Chi...and Heros

So, pretty amazing. Death by Chi Chi didn't flip me off once during the bout. And she pulled out an epic win. Pretty fucking cool. Now, if she could just put on a smile, and put on a clinic for some 5 year old girls, she may be my hero again.

Speaking of heros, how bout a shout out for all of the roller derby girls who sacrifice careers, friends and family to go out and play week after week. And I don't mean the beer-swillin, pot-smokin, ain't-nothing-in-life-but-derby girls. Its easy to sacrifice for them. I'm talking about the teachers, and the scientists, and the managers, and the college students and the accountants and the mothers who really really sacrifice. That's what makes roller derby cool. Yeah, the hard core fanatic sleep with their skates and tatoo derby logos to their butt chicks are interesting some times, but what gives derby its life and fuels the dreams of people everywhere is that every girl in America feels like they can wipe away the stereotypes of mother and homemaker, or step out from behind the masculine-charged professional world, and transform into their own heros, and our heros.

I'm starting to sound like a Budweiser commercial. Here's to Real Women of Genius.

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