Sunday, June 21, 2009

Short Bouts

Okay, this is really crazy, but, the bouts are way way way too long anyway, so it was awesome that we could all get out of there a little early last night. Funny about the fire marshal. I heard the Bosses called the law in at half time when they felt their lead slipping away.

So, I giggled when the marshal came. I left early and was able to get plastered at the after party and still get home by midnight. Still sucks, but the the Sharkman has always been a silver-lining sort of fish.

Who was the Bollywood-esque singer prior to the bout? Ouch.

Dug the play of the to love Stained Speedo getting the best of everyone, despite the Boss' elbows. Had the Bralwers not had two players sidelined by Boss cheap shots, it could have been closer. And how awesome was Bushwhackamole? I thought her blocker play was the best play I've seen out of her in years.

As for the Sirens.....seemed that Misty and her Killas came out playing small which cost them against Death by Chi Chi and Dreadlocks......wasn't until the Sirens went with their bigger defense with a few minutes left in the half that they managed to open some holes and get off that 1 point. Thought the Sirens individually looked good (except Misty who seemed tight the first 15 minutes), but the game plan was all gimped up.

Felt sure, though, that the momentum was swinging in the Killas favor in the second half. In fact, by my count, the last set of points did not go up before the police came. Sirens were up 39-38 at my count....

Anyway, I heard Southside has a venue for HRD in Pearland, if HRD could just bring themselves to extend an olive branch to the real rebel derby girls from down south.

We'll see.

Also heard HRD is giving refunds for tickets. Yeah!

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