Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bosses Trade Tantrums for Points

Before I start this rant, let me say: Best bouts, Best venue, Best crowd, and most fun ever had watching Houston Roller Derby. Houston has turned the corner. Way better than Verizon days. Good job fans. You all look amazing out there circling the track. Looks amazing from the stands.

Now, on to the bad news.

Death by Chi Chi was the death of the Bosses. Seven trips to the penalty box. Ridiculous taunting when the Bosses were down by 30, and even when the Sirens were still up in the final seconds. And intentional, flagrant fouls.

The poor sportmanship of the Bosses is embarassing. How can my children watch her play.? What kind of role model is she?

I really enjoyed watching the Brawlers, Sirens and Honeys. All classy teams. The Brawlers were down nearly a hundred, and playing like it was still a 5 point game. (Savage, you are awesome.) The Honeys were up by a hundred, and still played hard, and never tried to humiliate the Brawlers. (Unlike the Bosses did against the cupcake tweens they played...). And the Sirens, despite being up nearly the entire game, never taunted or wagged a finger, or flipped their hands in the air. Great role models out there....Carmen and Get Me, Tex on a Bender, Bush Whack on Me, Hot Sweaty Rods.......all great.

Those teams are full of the kinds of girls that I want my kids to look up to as role models. I will tell them never be like Death by Chi Chi. Other Bosses don't even act like this. Look at the classy behavior of Naughty, Bootylicious, or Lead Head. Class acts. Lead Head had a wicked game, and I think was the high scorer, but never embarassed her team, her fans, or fans of the sport.

Death by Chi Chi really blew it for her team. She put her ego in front of her team. Oh well, I wonder if the rumors are true. Too bad the Bosses didn't get to take on the Sirens without the reckless behavior of Death by Chi Chi. They might have had a chance in the end.

Winner: Houston Roller Derby.
Loser: Death by Chi Chi.


Anonymous said...

HATE the new venue. WAY TOO HOT, parking sucks, concession line too long, too cramped, not enough raised seating, complete and total disorganization. Let me know when you move back to Verizon and I'll come back to watch a game.

Sharkman said...

Nice Rant. Disagree, though. Sit in the risers. By beer from the beer bitches instead of waiting in line.

And valet park. Dork.

I know what really pisses you off is that you don't get to take home a Hurricane glass from the Hard Rock after the bout to put in your "tool" collection.

Anonymous said...

There aren't nearly enough seats in the limited risers to accommodate everyone, and I saw folks losing theirs if they even got up to go to the restroom or buy a beer. You can't buy a hot dog from the beer girl, so you still have to stand in a long line for concessions. I prefer to park my own car, even if it costs $7 to do so... Due to a previous bad experience I don't trust valet. I don't drink hurricanes nor patronize the Hard Rock, so your baseless assumption is a moot point. And Verizon's a/c worked so I didn't leave all sweaty like I had skated in the game. Overall, I think Kicks sucks.

Furthermore, I refuse to stoop to calling names just because my opinion differs from yours.

Sharkman said...

Even better rant.

However, there is never a line for pizza, and its better for you than hot dogs.

Nothing wrong with being sweaty. So long as you don't stink. Arrid Extra Dry for those shaved pits works best.

And the view is 1000% percent better.

If you want my seat, you can have it. Just look for the family of fins.

Oh, and don't leave your Michael Bolton CDs out in the car and you won't have any more bad valet experiences.

Anonymous said...

Nah - Don't need your seat. I'll just wait to go back until they find a better venue. You can decide how best to spend your entertainment dollars and I'll decide how best to spend mine. My idea of a fun Saturday evening is not walking a mile to sit and sweat my ass off in an overcrowded, hot, soccer club waiting in crazy long lines to purchase the concession of my liking and trying to watch a game I can barely see through the sea of people. God, I can only imagine how much hotter that place will be in the summer months. You have fun.