Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Game .... Big Big Big Game

So, big game on Saturday night. Sirens taking on the Bosses. Well, I guess its not that big. Bosses have some injuries, uh, well, certain undisclosed types of injuries that aren't appropriate for posting on this board. But it certainly gives the Sirens an advantage. Plus, this is really the Bosses first bout of the year, so they probably have some cobwebs to dust off.

The big question I have is whether the recent swell of infighting in the Bosses (those that have been questioning DBC's ability to lead the team) will undermine the bout this Saturday night.

Of course, the Sirens aren't bulletproof. We all saw some mental mistakes during the bout of the century. I wonder if the largeness of the Bosses, like DBC and Booty, will be difficult for the smaller but much faster Sirens?

It really comes down to the refs. Will the refs allow the rough play of the Bosses, which will definately give the Sirens problems, or will the game be called clean, which will take away the Boss's "large marge" game plan. If the Bosses can keep up the rough play, I think the Sirens may have difficulty.

There are three Boss plays that frankly will cause the Sirens fits:

(a) Crawling Elbows. The bosses continue to work on the use of elbows to crawl through the pack. Half the time, the curl of the elbow around the chest above the waist will cause the opponent to become destabilized. We saw this in the pre-season twinkie game, and against the Brawlers too.

(b) The Shoulder Elbow. Definately a no-no, but not really called in this league like it is in other leagues. The bosses teach their girls to separate the elbow from the body when they lower the shoulder. The Sirens will have trouble with this, as they lack the "gordo" of the Bosses.

(c) Grabbing the Shirt and Pulling you Down Play. Its illegal, but the Bosses will be happy to give up some penalities to save a few points. We saw this play alot last bout.

It should be a great game to watch from the top row of the stands. Daddy shark and mini-me shark will be rooting for the Bosses. I, however, just want to see my Brawlers win. Oh, they aren't playing a cupcake team either....Snap.


Anonymous said...

Fuck u asshole. You have no fucking idea about the Bosses. if we have so much fucking in fighting then we wouldnt pick DBC to kick your fucking southside ass every single year. Loser. i wish we could kick your loser brawler asses a few more times. Go back to your fucking hole.

Anonymous said...

That's not very nice. The Brawlers have more spirit than any other team in HRD. You should get your priorities straight. You're embarassing.

CN Nat said...

We have spirit yes we do...

we have spirit how about you?

derby diva said...

hey, anonymous, quit talking about the bosses or you'll find yourself on the bench.

hey sharkman, get a life.

very very very anonymous (and afraid now) said...

Inside source. A group of
Bosses are planning to overthrow
capt after the bout. Not sure if it matters if they win or not. Morale all time low.
Don't shoot messenger. Heard from ex-HRD that still is tight with HRD.

Anonymous said...