Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sirens - Wow

The Sirens are the real deal. What a great team. You can tell when you watch them the level of discipline, committment, and desire that all the girls have. What great performances last night by some brilliant jammers, including Mistilla who was awesome in her come from behind jam. But you got to give it up to the blockers last night. The Hell Marys were on the floor over and over and over due to some great blocking skills. Way to go Sirens.

As an aside, we've got the Sirens, who have stepped up to the plate and played Austin, beating them for perhaps the biggest win in HRD history, and then we have the Bosses, who decided to take it easy with the Corpus Christi girl scouts in their non-league play.....I bet those girls are regretting that cupcake play!

Way to go Sirens. Here's a fin.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Death by Chi Chi Eating Red Meat

I heard Death by Chi Chi has been eating red meat in preparation for the Brawlers this month. The Bosses have stacked the early part of the schedule this year with some real cup cakes, including what I imagine will be the easiest non-Houston schedule of any of the teams in HRD as they make a run for their first undisputed championship. But, speaking of cupcakes, all that red meat and indulgent behavior may backfire when Speedo shows them who's the real Boss! After getting into trouble with the Betties last year, you'd think the Bosses would learn their lesson.

We'll see. A shark fin says the refs don't call but a few minor penalities on the Bosses and their leading carnivore, Death by Chi Chi, because they are so scared of getting into it with the red meat eaters. Its only for that reason that the Bosses keep it close.

Brawlers by 15.